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9 Weeks Projects 
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While various other standards will be used depending on the historical event used, the following standards will be applied to all 4 nine weeks projects:

• 8H1.1:  Construct charts, graphs, and historical narratives to explain particular events/issues

• 8H1.2:  Summarize the literal meaning of historical documents in order to establish context

• 8H1.3:  Use primary and secondary sources to interpret various historical perspectives

•8H1.4: Use historical inquiry to evaluate the validity of sources used to construct historical narratives (e.g. formulate historical questions, gather data from a variety of sources, evaluate and interpret data and support interpretations with historical evidence

• 8H1.5:  Analyze the relationship between historical context and decision making

• 8H3.4:  Compare historical and contemporary issues to understand continuity and change in the development of NC/US

The nine weeks project is a required project each nine weeks.  I will send home a slip for parents to sign acknowledging the due dates for each project.  While we will have time to work on the project in class from time to time, the majority of the project is to be completed at home.  The first nine weeks project will be explained step-by-step during the Academic Support class time.  If a student misses class during instruction time, it is the responsibility of that student to arrange a time to meet with me to review what to do.

This project is multi-tiered and for best results, should be completed in the order of the “project breakdown” I have provided.  Templates for the project will be created in school to help alleviate confusion.  We will all start off using Google Slides for the template, however, students who would like to use a different media source will be allowed to do so.  I do require all projects to be digital, but posters may be printed from the digital source.  Not having internet at home is okay because Google has an offline drive that as long as tabs are pinned, the work will remain until the student hits the internet again, and then it will save.  Students are responsible for pinning tabs and keeping their work.

For credit, all projects must be presented in class.  They should be 2-4 minutes long.  I do allow students to video themselves presenting at home.  These students will go to the front of the room while they play their video.

Current events must be topics that affect us as a country and cannot be any older than the year prior to the year we are in.  Topics must be appropriate for a middle school setting.  Death and gore should must always be pre-approved by me and done in a respectful manner.  When in doubt, students should ask me about the event.  NO STORIES SUCH AS SPORTS SCORES, INJURIES, STATISTICS, ETC.  ALSO, FASHION UPDATES AND CELEBRITY NEWS SHOULD NOT BE USED.

Approved websites for current events are located on my website.  If a student finds an article from another site not listed on my website, they must send me the link for approval.  There are 100’s of events on the sites I have provided, and I encourage students to find something relevant that they find an interest in.  

Historical events must be something we cover in the nine weeks the projects are due.  They will be listed on my website each grading period.  We will be covering controversial history topics.  These topics may be used as long as they are done in a mature manner.  I will tell students which topics I will need to pre-approve their narrative before it is presented in front of the class.

• All work should be in the student’s own words.  No copying and pasting.

• All presentations must have a visual.  Students cannot present just from reading from note cards etc. 

• Students who need additional help beyond what I show them in class must let me know.  This can be done in person or via email.  The idea is to improve each nine weeks so I encourage students who need help to please ask for it.

• The first nine weeks, I will pre-approve work done on projects if they are completed and turned in to me by the “suggested due date” (see my website for those dates).  Students are responsible for turning work in on time.  

• I will not look at any late work under my “suggested due dates.” Please see my website to see each component’s “suggested due date.

• BEING ABSENT ON THE PROJECT DUE DATE IS NOT AN EXCUSE TO NOT TURN IT IN ON TIME AND POINTS WILL BE DEDUCTED PER OUR LATE POLICY.  All projects must be digital, and students have approximately 7 weeks to complete their work.  


**Please see “Project Breakdown” (attached and on my site) for project criteria **