Mrs. Lane's History Class

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9 Weeks Projects 

Current News Reports are a required project each nine weeks. This project is to be completed by the student at home. A Current News Report is a 2 minute oral report in front of class about a news item of your choice. Current News Reports must be on an important current news event. A news item is considered current if the news story has occurred within 1 year of giving the report. Whether or not the news item is considered important is up to your discretion, but here are some things to consider:

-Is this news item covered by national news channels or publications?

-Does this news item affect us as American citizens?

-Does this news item affect us as global citizens?

-Does this news item relate to our studies in 8th grade American History?

Some topics which are off-limits for Current News Reports:

-Anything considered not appropriate for a middle school setting.

-Small-town news (ex. A new sidewalk downtown)

-Sports scores, injuries, statistics, etc.

-Fashion updates, styles, who wore it better?, etc.

-Anything I deem inappropriate (See me if you have a questionable topic and I will help you out).

-Death or gore must be pre-approved by me. You will have to tell me what you are relating it to in our history curriculum and how it relates. The report will have to be given in a respectful, mature manner.

The first project will be due Thursday, October 19th so please mark your calendar.  Also, reminders will be sent via text and/or email.

*9 Weeks Projects are worth TWO test grades.

Here’s the outline of what you are to do:

•Pick an article that interests you. Read through it and decide what historical event we have discussed this 9 weeks relates to it.  ARTICLES MUST BE CHOSEN FROM ONE OF THE SITES I PROVIDED YOU.

•Summarize your article answering the following questions: (see organizer page)






•Summaries must be in your own words, and you must be thorough for a good grade. NO copying and pasting.

•Create a historical narrative about the historical event you are using with your article. (A historical narrative is a story telling about an event from the past.)  It must be something we covered this nine weeks.  It must contain at least 3 facts from the actual event.  

•Create a summary comparing and contrasting your current event and the historical event.  This is an elaboration of the graph or chart you are going to do.  Each point must have an elaboration about it.

•Construct a graph or a chart to go with your compare/contrast summary so your audience has a visual representation of the data.

•Decision making: Why do you think people made the decisions they did during both the historical event and the current event? Answer this question in your presentation.

•You must have the link to the article or the article itself attached to your presentation as well as the source(s) you used for the historical event.  This must be completed in APA format.

Presentations can be done in just about any manner you would like as long as you provide a visual. If you want to do something that is not on the list, please let me know your idea for approval. If you make a video, you must email it to me at least 2 days prior to your presentation so that I can be sure it works with my laptop software. Some presentation choices:


Power Point


Google Slides



Cartoon (digital or drawn)

Other digital ideas, please see this site: